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Guest Room / Dance Studio Gets Some Loot

Our subdivision has a few entrances, a North one, South one, and 2 West ones.  I’m pretty set in my routines, the west ones get used the least.  On my way to the southern parts of town, I’ll typically take the south exit, makes sense right….. but not always.  Over the past few days I have passed a pile of rubble in front of one of the houses on my way out. On a typical weekend, one expects to see piles of debris from weekend projects.  I thought very little of it until I drove passed again after trash day and it was all still there.

It was an odd pile of trash.  Cabinetry, wood scraps, all sorts of stuff in this pile, several different sizes and shapes.  One morning, while passing and staring with intent, I noticed that there was something very out of place about the rubble.  Its shape and color just didn’t fit.  It was flat and grey, but almost the size and texture of a piece of dry wall.  It stuck out so much to me that on my way back in I made a note try to see what was on the other side of it so that I could satisfy my curiosity. The speed limit is already 25 mph, so I cruised along on my route home and took a hard look at this pile of trash. Suddenly, it made sense as to why it was so awkward to me.  I could see into the pile from part of this piece that I was looking at.  The grey paint I saw was the back of a mirror.

I immediately pulled a u-turn and parked in front of the house.  The rubble was the remains of a recently renovated bathroom.  The grey stiff, flat piece was the backside of the sink mirror.  They had placed it face down and for almost a week no one noticed it.  So I lugged it to the car and carefully got it into the back seat.  No scratches, no chips, fully intact 3 foot by 4 foot mirror. Talk about heavy, it was a work out just to get it up stairs.   So, for now, its propped up against the wall of the studio.  I think I’m going to frame it and put it on casters so that I can roll it about.



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