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A Project: This Blows – Part 1 – The Overview

One of my most prized possessions has been my air compressor.  With it supporting the various air tools I use in the garage and beyond, I’ve just found that having it makes life easy.  But does it really?  How much ease does it really bring?  Lets talk about this compressor.  This is a machine that I bartered back in 2014 or 2015 for some IT work that sadly never happened.  If Bill ever reads this, its not something I had control over and I’m still available for the work.

This compressor came in a form factor that was like a wheel barrow.  It had two handles on one side, and a single tubed tire on the other side of its dual 3ft long takes that held 8 gallons of air at 125 lbs/psi.  The tire was rotted, and some of the rubber stabilizers were missing.  To boot, the gasoline motor had to have the carburetor completely rebuilt before it would start and immediately needed an oil change.  The engine powered the compressor, which was not factory to the unit.  The original had died an oiless death so it was replaced with a Central Pneumatic 5HP/14.7CFM compressor.  It required 2 belts, which the motor only had enough clearance for one, also needed oil, and was never mounted properly.  That mounting is an issue, the compressor had an inch or 2 that it sat past the mounting platform. This lack of structure integrity caused the compressor to bounce and vibrate under load, which caused the whole unit to ‘walk’ around… down hill.. into walls.. into cars, and so on.

20180601_181746 20180601_181801

Many of these issues were never able to be fixed.  I managed to get the engine to run, and the compressor to compress with one belt.  I managed to also plumb up the outlet of the compressor to the tank, which took several different types of fittings and cursing words. The original on/off switch was also replaced, it was broken during the ‘installation’ of the new compressor.  It dangles, replaced with a push/pull switch.  Lastly, the tank doesn’t actually hold air for long.  It holds it long enough to be used but at about an hour of being left off, its lost its 8 gallons.  Parts of me blames the throttle system that is on it.

20180611_112642 20180611_112908 20180611_112259 20180611_112246 20180601_181812

Guys.  This thing is a mess.  If you sit on the compressor, it charges the tanks in about a minute. How ever, when sanding, its just too much to wait every few minutes for a recharge.  Not to mention its loud and bounces around.  Its also not broken, it just needs some work.  So, this starts our “This Blows” series. Stay tuned, there will be video.

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