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A Project: Updating To A Smart(er) Home – Part 1


Today is a day of days. I have been in Pennsylvania for a few weeks now, staying with extended family.  During my trip there, I got to witness this amazing device called an Amazon Echo.  I had heard of these, but only in passing, I have been very skeptical.  While living with these gals for the days, though, I found that I am completely fascinated by them and perhaps its time to commit.  Their household had a few lights that were controlled, but the constant use of reminders, timers, and music really showed me things.  They’ve a pretty different lifestyle and family dynamic than we do but the value was obvious – and we need one.

So once back home, I ventured out to Bestbuy.  I was a bit torn, because some of my peers claimed that the Google Home was a better solution than Amazon anything.  Conflicting, as I know the Amazon crap can power on and off my TV, and adjust the volume.  How ever, Bestbuy gives me 15 days to love this little guy or I can return it – WORKS FOR ME.  While there, I bite the bullet and commit to a $180 Philips Hue light kit, the one that has the colorized, dim-able, led A19′s with a flat front – and bridge.   It was a little painful, because of the price.  We’ll make them work.

Eventually, I picked up 3 of the candlerella lights, also.  They also change color, and dim, and led, and the things.  Syncing them to the bridge was easy enough.  I ended up using those 3 guys in our ceiling fan, and one a19 in a lamp.  So far, I’ve only really been playing with them on the phone app, I can turn them on and off with the google home though – thats about it.

We also spent about $200 on associated hardware to install 6 of these 5 inch recessed light cans into the room. I believe that adding them to the mix will give me enough light to actually do my make up, laundry, etc while also being dimmed enough to REALLY set the mood for sexy mommy time.  That is all for now.

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