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A Project: Tightlacing – Chapter 1

Today I found that I had some reward points from work.  They’re nice because they convert to almost a dollar per point and redeemable on amazon.  Since its pretty hard to work into my usual budget, I usually spend these on things I wouldn’t normally just impulsively spend money on.  For this instance, I decided to make a committed move towards tightlacing. In a paraphrased version, this is the discipline of wearing corsets over long amounts of time to assist in reshaping your body.

I know there is plenty of articles regarding various beliefs about how this could rearrange organs and stuff like that – but we’re not taking it that serious over here.  From my times of wearing more rigid corsets in the past, I have found a few things that make this a decent goal for me.  The first is posture assist, my posture is awful and almost any structured garment has helped pull me up.  My expectation is that even of this will straighten my slump out quiet a bit.  The second item here, is portion control.  This is an issue that I’ve been struggling with for about the past year.  I’m slowly cutting down on my portions, but I’m not doing a good enough job, says my blood work.  I expect that the corset will help promote smaller portions while being worn, but we’ll see.   There is a heavy use of my “in moderation” thinking here.

One of the main reasons there has been no commitment here is because a ‘good’ corset is usually around $200.  That is a big number to gamble with when you cannot buy locally.  They’re all custom made, and usually no returns.    So, naturally, I’ve been unwilling to commit to that.  This is also why I decided to use some spare money for a corset that is less than ideal.  Since I’m tall and my measurements never align with sizing charts, I decided to get a la cheapa corset from some where on amazon.  It will be cheap, will not last long, but that’s okay.  I need it for sizing, in the sense that I’m going to try it for a month or 2 if the size is right, and go from there.   I have the option to make my own, or send my needs to a builder – all based on the cheap corset.

I felt like the longer corsets would be better for me, since I’m tall.  Not an easy find, for sure, especially as an under bust style.  Eventually, I found one and fought with the sizing charts.  According to the seller, I was a 3XL.  It was painful to read, I’ve never been any X version of large, I was in total doubt.  So I ordered, as measured, and waited the week for shipping.  It was a whole $35, a tenth of the price of a custom one of a similar design which was simple anyways since I wanted to wear it under my normal clothes. Upon its arrival, what I thought was proven to be correct.  A 3XL was too big, i could close the front by hand with the back completely closed. Amazon took the return with out issue, and once it was confirmed as returned, I ordered the 2XL.  That was a little depressing still, but it seemed like it would actually fit.  I opted for the 2 day shipping so that I could get this show on the road.

When the 2XL came in, I immediately tried it on.  We had to loosen the lacing in the back just to get it to close.After that, Mari closed up the back a little at a time.   I’m not sure the style that I ordered was not what was delivered, but so often times sellers won’t use actual pictures.  Actually, as a photographer, I’ve learned to spot when an image is a manufacturer image vs a professional product shot, vs a normal shot – say taken with a cell phone.  Most often, I won’t trust a seller’s product that doesn’t appear to have an image that looks like hired some one to show the product or at least a cell phone image.  This is exactly why I used money that wasn’t in the budget – so we’re all okay here.  With it snugged up, I can say it doesn’t feel as stiff as some that I’ve work in the past. It also still feels like I could go a size down, how ever if I were to completely close the top half then I would struggle to breath.  I also wonder if perhaps I have it up too high, since its making my bra float around oddly.  If so, it would explain why it does not tuck into my pants like I expected to.

So we’ve some time of wearing this thing and getting used to it before making a call on measurements, and that is okay. Stay tuned!

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