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A Project: Shoe Stretchers

With the past few weeks I’ve had on the medical front, I felt like it was time to do some shopping to cope with my feelings.  Typically, I don’t impulse shop like that, but I had money outside of the budget to spend on a few things.  One of those was a corset, the one mentioned in A Project: Tightlacing – Chapter 1,  and a running belt thingie for my doohickey project.  I ended up having enough to get a few more things, which I’ll likely post later.   But in all of the toys, I came across a shoe stretcher, which intrigued me.  I had never seen or heard of such a device.  What could it do? Stretch shoes, that is all it can do.  But where? Why? Most importantly, can it help me?!

My feet are an odd size where 12 will usually fit okay, but prolong wearing will start to hurt my toes.  Often, I’m unable to find a half size in the same shoe, so I’ll wear 2 pairs of socks or ones that are overly large for a while to help break them in.  This method has never worked for me in heels, so I figured I would take a risk here and try this out.  It claimed to work on heels, so I added to cart.  They weren’t expensive, about $30, and they allegedly stretch long ways and width too.  They also have these little pegs to add to certain parts of where the toes sit to stretch it differently as needed.

It didn’t take a degree in engineering to figure out how these guys work.  You shove them in your shoe and tighten it up.  I first tried a set of heels that I was super excited to own, but was never able to wear for more than a half hour.  I put the stretchers in and tightened things down, leaving them to hang around for 24 hours.  After a day of being under stress, I gave everything another full turn and left them since I wasn’t going to be able to wear them that day.

Once I had a few minutes, I pulled them down and took out the stretchers.  Nothing was ripped or messed up: Good. But I still had a little bit of a time getting them on my feet.  A little powder fixed it right up and my feet slid in nice and cozy…. but not too cozy.   They were, in fact, a half to full size larger.  I wore them around the house for as long as I could, but since I’m not used to walking around in heels I could only manage it for a few hours.  It was great, and look forward to these things making like 4 other pairs of shoes wearable.

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