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I Must Be an Inverted Skater

My coach has mentioned on a few occasions that my strong edges, spins, and turns seem to come natural to me on a side that others seem to spend more time on.  How ever, skating with the usual flow just appears to be a problem.  Its an interesting observation, since I really don’t have a dominant side in most other things.  In photography, I shoot with both eyes,  I mouse with either hand.  My only preference regarding left or right side is with writing, I do always write right handed.

With that, the 3 turns have been giving me trouble due to muscle tone in the ankles.  On my right backwards edge, I’m doing okay, but on the left the muscle is so weak that I can’t hold the edge.  Its been a real issue when trying to turn onto the back outside edge from a 3 turn.

Struggle number two comes with the mohawk.  Both this element and the 3 turn are part of my pre-bronze test, so its a big deal.  I’ve not been able to rotate my free foot in a mohawk enough to make it a step, its more of a calamity.  I can’t even manage to do it very well while holding onto the boards.

So today, during our coaching session, Stephanie had me work on a sequence.  She wanted me to do the best 3 turn that I could, switch my gliding foot and going into a landing, then take that foot in the air and step in such a way that I was facing forward.  It sounds complicated, but she did it slowly and I was able to keep up.  Watching her footwork after the landing, I thought I recognized something.

I repeated the elements, though it felt sloppy.  Sloppy is a good word – I definitely did it but it just didn’t look like I did it with any conviction.  But that step was bothering me, it looked familiar, and it should have.  She had me doing a 3 turn, to landing, to backwards mohawk – in sequence.  And I did it with almost no effort, albiet poorly – I got out of it what I put into it.

But I managed to handle that with ease, enough to be able to add this to my usual warm ups.  The forwards mohawks? Can’t do it, just no comprendo.

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I'm a North Carolina transplanted girl reaching my 30's. A few years ago, I procured my first DSM that would eventually mature many of my skills. This website is dedicated to the stories, adventures, and lessons that the car has brought to me over the years.

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