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Practical Spots for Impractical Sports

I thought I had gotten over having every title of my posts as a pun but I couldn’t help myself this time. Since my first Lyra class, I’ve spent a lot of time letting my body heal up from the abuse of Thursday.  Now, its Sunday, and I still hurt so much in my shoulders and core that I quickly regret the simplest chore – like putting on a shirt. But it seems like the best thing I can do is get a good stretch and do some of those work outs again.

The hardest part of this is finding some where to the work I need, something as close to the real thing as possible.  This was more or less a pull up and core tuck.  Inside the house, despite how tall I am…. I just didn’t anything with enough finger space, stability, or overall strength to allow for a good pull up.  After the family calmed down and the sun became forgiving, I head outside to see if there was a tree I could challenge.  So many of my memories as a kid involve pulling up and over pecan tree branches to get a better point for ‘hide and seek’ with my cousins.  While the over all movements are a bit different, its close enough to help develop where I’m lacking.

At the south end of the house, between my (abandoned) neighbors and my garage is a thin tree line.  Its instantly attractive since I’ve climbed parts of these trees before.  Its also a spot that has a little privacy and is isn’t close to the dogs.  All of this, while being green, shaded, and overall relaxing.


As you can see, it does need a bit of clean up.  We’re bad about not really maintaining that part of the yard much, because we’re never there.  But it seems to have a natural opening that welcomes this.  Aside from that, with out altering anything, I can already just grab some of the plant life and start pulling.  Specifically, a softer vine growing around these trees is just right to grab and supports my full weight and allows me to get into one leg/one arm open pose.  Due to positioning, I couldn’t really mount straight on with out hitting something, but I wouldn’t have had the strength for that anyways – that is why I’m out here.  But I managed to be able to use the trunk of the tree to walk up after getting myself in the air.   Nine or 10 of those and I was starting to feel the fatigue returning …. but with out the pain.  Splendid, exactly what I came out here for.

The purple outline is where I can grab and pull up, leaving the tree open to 'walk' up

The purple outline is where I can grab and pull up, leaving the tree open to ‘walk’ up

Perhaps over the next weekend I can get this cleaned up and under control so that it looks a little more inviting and relaxing.

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