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Stretching & Limits

For the past several years, I’ve remained frustrated over how little I’ve been able to stretch my legs.   A long time ago, maybe around 2009, I decided I wanted to get my splits.  For years, I simply just sat down and attemtpted to push my stretch to a new position, and get there.   Five years later …. I had nothing to show for it.

I thought I was making progress, I was becoming more active. I joined a beginner pole dance class.  Between 30 consecutive days of that, plus some home practice, I felt like I was getting better and stronger…. but not where I was looking for.  My pole work suffered from an inability to keep my legs straight when in the air, kick/foot height and spread was also poor.  I just wasn’t stretching enough.

For a while, I became uninterested, frustrated, and really just didn’t want to bother pursuing it. Years went by and I didn’t even think about it anymore.  Then 2016 rolled in.  I was getting seriously involved in figure skating, though only about 2 months into it.  It didn’t take a college degree to realize that where I suffered in one area would come back.  It was even the same problems, if I wanted to be technical.  Leg back, straight, certain heights.  Open hips, good range of motion and the ability to hold it.  I just kind of stared in acknowledgement.  I could not pursue anything I wanted with out getting there, but I didn’t have to be there today.

So for most of 2016, I would literally just go out onto the ice and skate my hardest.  At such a low level, I could even do so comfortably in jeans.  Then, 2017 came in.  I found that I was in a spot where I couldn’t just go out and skate anymore. I had to do a few laps at a moderate pace, sit down and stretch out my legs.  After doing so, I always felt more stable, more powerful, and more agile.  Otherwise, I was stiff and closed.  It wasn’t until late April that I started to realize that when I stretched, I had to do more than just push myself into it. I had to push my position into a place that was new. I was finally making progress.

This is super exciting.  It looks like the whole reason for my lack of improvement was because I wasn’t warmed up correctly.   Sure, I stretched after I moved around in my day, or before bed.  This was different, my body was active, heart rate up. I even had a sense of relief in my muscles from the stretch.  So, I’m sticking with this routine for a while.  My coach says that if I’m not doing this 4 times a week, its “worthless”, so I’m trying to keep that in mind yet let my body have time to heal up.



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