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A space for stuff


I don’t really have a specific place to put things outside of specific hobbies.  Aside from the Moddy/DSM blog, everything actually tends to cross reference something else quiet often.  So I’ll just leave all of that here and cat/tag what I can where I can.

Case in point, I’ve been working on a project that was birthed from my figure skating. Its mostly for my own use, but I need to keep track of when I need to sharpen my skates.

Speaking of coding, I’m also working on my raspberry pi to control my sprinklers.  Sadly, not a lot of time to apply much effort there, so by working on, I mean: Thinking about it a lot.

Speaking of the house, I need an attic fan in the garage to dump out some of the heat caused by the hardware that makes this site even possible.  Found a lot of examples of what not to do….. so thats a good thing.

And stuff like that is exactly what my journal is for.

About Ashley Young

I'm a North Carolina transplanted girl reaching my 30's. A few years ago, I procured my first DSM that would eventually mature many of my skills. This website is dedicated to the stories, adventures, and lessons that the car has brought to me over the years.

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