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Drawers For Women Are Stupid

The title of this post is about as accurate as it gets.  We’ve had a matching bedroom set for several years now, the insides of the night stands, dressers, etc all look the same = rectangle boxes to pile things into.  I know for many, this works out nicely.  It ‘works’ for Mari, and it has sort of worked alright for me.

One day, will trying to organize my underwear drawer, I get frustrated.  No matter how nicely anything is folded, organized, stacked, combined, or otherwise arranged, the first time I have to look for a specific item or get something that isn’t on the top – everything topples over into a mess of panties.  F R U S T R A T I N G.

Some of this, I know is because I have certain things for certain things.  I have underwear specifically for working out, for different styles of dress, for sexy time, it happens.  This is the same drawer I keep bras in, so figure in sports bras, sexy time, plain, pretty, etc.  There is just a lot in here that isn’t feasible as a pile.


So I’m starring down this box on rollers and decide to dump it all out.  I can see, in my mind, how I fold things and try to organize every time.  Some ideas come to mind. I  could use some plastic bins/totes  to put certain things in.  How ever, in my experience, those waste more space than they use. This is mostly due to them not sitting flush to each other – so no go.

Another option is to use some form of baggies.  Something about this just didn’t work for me.  There is no way I can see myself digging to the bottom of a bag just to find something I was really looking for.  So, no.  I needed another option.

Then it came to me.  I actually already had the answer.


I just needed some wood!  Sorry, but I had to crack a wood joke some where.

Since I already knew how I liked things set up, it was really just a matter of cutting the pieces to fit.  Since these planks were left over from another project, I didn’t even have to spend money on them.

So I thought about it.  Bras take up almost the whole space from front to back, but only a few inches wide – so I start there.  The, I just need a small space for straps and those weird clip things that hold the straps in the back, and extenders.  I’ve a little of all of that but not enough to make a fuss over. Next, I needed a main section for my usual every day under attire.  Then lastly, I needed two spaces for my active wear undies and one for the seduction gear.  I actually ended up with a pencil, marking the lines on the bottom on the drawer, and cutting.  Using simple wood screws and a small drill bit for guide holes, the drawer came together:


Its inverted in the above photo, but that was the result.  The planks I had were a little taller than the edge material but there wasn’t a clearance issue so I let it go.  Now this was a lot less dumb than what I started with and certainly more functional.  Its also easy to undo, should I need to adjust it in the future.


Finished product, yay!  This actually ended up freeing a lot of of space, more than I appeared to have before.

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