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A Project: Mood Lights In the Bedroom

One thing that always bothers me when it comes to indoor lighting is the lack of lighting.  Today, its specifically the bedroom, where the only light is from the ceiling fan.  It has been an issue because when we want to go to bed at different times, its too dark or too bright.  So I had this great idea: Why not do lights like the hotels do – one on each side of the bed.  Man, this proved to be more complicated than I thought.

We can just buy matching lamps, I said to myself.  No.  No, its just to difficult to coordinate, and actually over priced. Nope. So, next idea, wall sconces instead of lamps.  This is usually an area where Mari and I never reach an agreement.  She likes one style… and I just can’t tolerate how busy and bright it is.  This time, we were at Lowes looking around and we found some that we actually agreed on, and they happened to be on sale.  Naturally, we snatched up the last two.  We were going to head out when I realized there was no switches for them.  At the end cap of electrical, we grabbed two toggle switches.


 This was a pretty simple set up. I’d use the toggles as any other switch and pull the power from the outlet behind each night stand.   It was a wierd choice to make, but each outlet is on a separate breaker for some reason – so it makes sense to add them to the end of the line.  A drill made short work of the housing for the toggles to fit into.

x_20161229_142826 x_20161229_143138


Almost as good as factory.   Next, I centered them with the night stands and put a small hole in the wall.  It needed to be large enough for 2 things:  Allowing the screws to pass through the bracketing and let the wiring fall down.

x_20161229_164308 x_20161229_164317 x_20161229_164530

Once they were mounted, I simply just tied them into the outlet, per code guide lines. Below is the finished product, for under $30.


x_20161230_082444 x_20161230_082627

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